can't trick this kid...

liya_rowan and I just went out to look at the snow, and she brought back a dry leaf, which I promptly put on my head and said to her, "Regarde mon chapeau!" ("look at my hat!"), to which she responds with a frown, "cheveux!" (hair!) and then runs across the room to pick up her hat, brings it over and holds it out to me.

I'm not sure if she was correcting my french, or my just my imaginative logic ("Silly papa, that's just your new hairdo, *this* is a hat!").

Looking for a job?

I know the economy isn't doing so hot lately, but there are still job openings out there occasionally - this one looks promising, if you happen to have deep thought sometimes about apples or horizons...


It's indeed possible that I've finally gone off of the deep end, but it's hard to tell sometimes, what with that whole catch-22 and all. I will probably have more to say on that topic, but it's far past my bedtime.

this post made possible by Google WiFi, a kind and generous public works project (even when it doesn't always work)


I'm thankful for amberphlame having made such an amazing mini-monster (as her/our fav. pj says), and I'm thankful that said mini-monster is finally feeling better, with less tummy pain and more alert time checking out her world.

And I'm thankful that oranchina and Stanton and their little Oona is doing great and were able to make it over for turkey-day, and we all look forward to when these two little brainy-babies will start hangin' out and getting to be best friends (so that when one day, one of them is a superhero, and the other is a supervillain [which is which will be up to *them*], they'll have the cool backstory of having been friends since their age was measured in *weeks*).

And I'm thankful that hw has come to work for my company and so will be around for the next who-knows-how-long, getting to see me and hang out with my clan and be here for xmas and so forth (and much geekery will be had by all!)

And hell, I'm thankful for a job which lets me get there at 10ish in the morning, leave at 3:301, do incredibly cool R&D projects [and buys me a nice dual quad-core monster of a box with 16G of ram to try stuff out on], and then give me a raise, a promotion, and possibly a bonus [pending] within the first 6 months being there.

There's of course always more that I'm thankful for, but the above list is pretty above-average, I'll say, so I'll cut it short at that.

Oh yeah, and I'm thankful for the fact that liya_rowan sitting still long enough for me to catch a few smiling pictures (finally!) and amberphlame has ordered those printed out so I can have them on my desk at work. :)

1: Although I do then get a shitload of work done back at home at night and on the weekend, much to amberphlame's dismay...
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damnit, have we sent out the birth certificate yet?

I have not been reading these all day.

I stopped for lunch

[Edit: I just finished them. Now I am sad.

Would it be creepy if I just started calling Randall's cell phone every five minutes and asking if he's finished the next one?

It's better than hitting refresh, right? 'Cuz it shares the love?]
jungfrau glacier

You know you get up too early when...

a) you're on the *first bus* of the morning
b) you're the first one on that bus
c) it's dark when you get to work after a 45min commute
d) your *bakery* next to work doesn't open until 20 minutes after you drop by, so you don't get your morning croissant
e) all of the above


this moment...

will last forever: liya_rowan sleeping for hours on one arm. One handed coding up a math-tutor webapp for starmail / drinking an organic Amber ale with the other, amberphlame flitting about cooking something that smells delish in the kitchen...

At least, this moment will last forever if the Trafalmadorans view of the universe is correct (which I hope it is, for at least this moment).